I-2-3-25.Waiver of Advance Notice of Hearing

Last Update: 8/15/05 (Transmittal I-2-60)

A claimant may waive the right to advance notice of the hearing on his or her own initiative, or upon the Administrative Law Judge's suggestion, in order to expedite action on the claim. Any written waiver signed by the claimant is acceptable. If the claimant has not submitted a written waiver, prepare a Form HA-510 (Waiver of Advance Notice of Hearing) for the claimant's signature. Place the original waiver in the administrative record and a copy in the ALJ file. The waiver of written notice form can be accessed through the Document Generation System (DGS), by clicking on “Correspondence,” clicking on “Prehearing” and then accessing “Waive Written Notice,” or by clicking on “Notices” and then selecting “Waiver of Written Notice of Hearing.”