I-3-1-11.OAO Branch Screening of Case for Jurisdiction

Last Update: 7/23/15 (Transmittal I-3-120)

Upon receipt of the request for review, branch staff will verify that it is in the proper branch, i.e., that the branch handles the claim type and issue involved, and that the claimant resides within the geographic area or circuit court jurisdiction assigned to the branch. The branch staff will hand-carry any misrouted requests for review to the proper branch and, if necessary, update the Case Control System.

If the request for review is in the proper branch, the branch staff must input the receipt of the request for review into the OHA Case Control System. When the claim file is received by the branch from the mega-site, branch staff must do an input into the OHA Case Control system to show receipt of the claim file in the branch.

In addition to the entries in the Case Control System, the branch staff must also make the following entries in OAO's Case Tracking System (ACAPS):

  1. name, social security number, claim type and state of claimant's residence,

  2. the request for review filing date, and

  3. the date the branch received the request for review.