I-3-1-13.OAO Branch Screening of Case for Timeliness

Last Update: 7/23/15 (Transmittal I-3-120)

Branch staff will determine whether the request for review is timely filed. If the claimant did not file the request for review timely and did not furnish an explanation for the late filing, branch staff must request an explanation. See I-3-4-2.

If the late request was filed by mail, branch staff will prepare the appropriate correspondence in the Appeals Text Guide. If the request was filed in person (i.e., at a Field Office (FO)), and the claimant is represented, telephone the representative to elicit the necessary information. If the request was filed in person, and the claimant is not represented, telephone the servicing FO, prepare a letter to the claimant, or prepare a memorandum to the FO, whichever would best expedite matters considering the circumstances in the case.