I-4-2-35.Sending the Certified Administrative Record to the United States Attorney's Office

Last Update: 6/26/23 (Transmittal I-4-93)

A. General

After the court legal assistant finalizes the certified administrative record (CAR), The CAR may be routed to the United States Attorney's Office for filing in the appropriate Federal district court.

Some jurisdictions still require paper copies of the CAR. However, most jurisdictions now accept electronic filings. To electronically file the CAR, the court legal assistant will:

  • Send an email to the Office of the General Counsel to inform them the CAR is available in eView;

  • Upload the completed CAR, and segments, if appropriate, to the United States Attorney File Exchange (USAfx);

  • Complete the case analysis section and close any necessary to-do items or diaries in the Appeals Review Processing System (ARPS);

  • Input the page count of the CAR;

  • Check the routing (input the Detailed Office/Organization Resource System (DOORS) code); and

  • Close the case.

B. Routing Paper Claim(s) Files

The court legal assistant will:

  • Ensure that all the original documents and hearing recording(s) are in the claim(s) file;


    For concurrent title II and title XVI cases, place the hearing recording(s) in the title II folder.

  • Send the paper file via UPS to the following address:

    SSA National Records Center
    601 South 291 Hwy
    6016 Geospace Dr.
    Independence, MO 64056
  • Enter a remark with the UPS tracking number(s) in ARPS;

  • Close the case.