I-4-2-52.Releasing the Supplemental Review or RVR Response

Last Update: 9/13/05 (Transmittal I-4-15)

A. General

Generally, the support staff in the CCPRBs handle a case after a supplemental review has been completed. When required, the CCPRB support staff must:

  • Separate and date stamp all copies of the memorandum.

  • FAX or e-mail the RVR memorandum response to the appropriate OGC office.

  • Mail the original, along with copies of any additional evidence or other documents, to the appropriate OGC office, if necessary.

  • Mail additional copies to the appropriate office of the U.S. Attorney and/or to the OGC office, if necessary.

  • Place a copy in the branch court case reading file.

  • Diary the case for 30 days if the AC agreed to request remand.

  • Prong file an additional copy of the memorandum, and the original copy of any additional evidence or other documents in the appeals file.

  • Make an appropriate entry into LOTS and OHA CCS to reflect the action taken and the date.

B. Continued Defense

The support staff must read the memorandum to determine whether remand is being requested. If the memorandum does not request remand, the CF or CAR will remain in the branch because OGC may request further consideration of the case under the reconsideration RVR procedures (see I-4-2-43).

C. Memorandum Requesting Remand

If the memorandum requests remand of a pending court case, the support staff must make an entry into the LOTS or OHA CCS to reflect that a court order of remand is expected and file the case among the other cases awaiting copies of court remand orders. The branch must follow-up on the request for remand by calling the appropriate OGC office every 30 days until the court acts on the case.