I-4-3-34.Submitting AC Remand Orders for Appeals Council Review

Last Update: 9/13/05 (Transmittal I-4-15)

After the AC remand order has been proofread for grammatical and typographical errors, the analyst must route the case to the appropriate AAJ.

If the AAJ agrees with the recommendation and proposed order, he or she will sign the order and return the case to the CCPRB support staff for release. If the AAJ disagrees, he or she must provide the analyst with instructions as to the desired course of action. If the analyst believes that the AAJ's proposed course of action is contrary to the law and regulations, could set a dangerous precedent, or is otherwise problematic, the analyst must discuss the matter with the Branch Chief. If the Branch Chief agrees with the analyst, the Branch Chief must consult with the AAJ in order to resolve the issue. A joint consultation with the Executive Director of OAO may be necessary in unusual circumstances.