I-4-3-88.Appeals Council Decisions — Appeals Council Action

Last Update: 9/13/05 (Transmittal I-4-15)

After the decision and cover letter have been prepared in final and proofread by the analyst, the analyst must submit them to the AC for approval by the “A” and “B” AAJs. (In favorable decisions where the claimant is represented and the file contains a fee agreement, the analyst must annotate the route slip to advise the support staff to forward the claims file to the Attorney Fee Branch prior to review by the AAJs.)

  • If the AC agrees, the AAJs will sign the decision and “A” member signs the cover letter, and the case must be returned to the support staff for release.

  • If the AC modifies the decision, the case must be returned to the analyst for the appropriate modifications, re-typing and re-submission to the AC.