I-4-9-5.Requesting Assistance from Other Components

Last Update: 1/12/16 (Transmittal I-4-49)

A. General

During the review of a case, an analyst may discover that the assistance of another component is needed. For example, the case may include documents requiring translation, the case may involve a novel policy issue, or the case may involve a particularly complex or retirement and survivors insurance issue which the analyst cannot readily resolve. In these and similar situations, it may be appropriate to seek the assistance of another component.

B. Preparation of the Request for Assistance

If the analyst concludes that the assistance of another component is needed, the case must be discussed with the Court Case Preparation and Review Branch (CCPRB) Chief who must agree to the referral. Upon approval of the CCPRB Chief, the analyst will prepare a draft memorandum from the CCPRB Chief to the head of the other component explaining the nature of the assistance needed.

C. Releasing the Request

After proofreading the memorandum, the analyst must prepare an e-mail request addressed to the head of the component where the request is being sent, attach the memorandum to the e-mail and send the e-mail to the other component.

The analyst will include a copy of the sent e-mail message and a copy of the attachment in the claim file, certified administrative record or other outgoing materials.