I-5-0-1.Introduction to the Temporary Instructions

Last Update: 6/21/05 (Transmittal I-5-000-2)

Table of Contents
I Purpose
II Numbering of the Temporary Instructions
III Using the Temporary Instructions
IV Format of the Temporary Instructions

I. Purpose

The purpose of the HALLEX Temporary Instructions (TI) is to communicate information to OHA adjudicators that: apply only for a limited time; address special situations; or communicate information prior to incorporating the information into Division 1, 2, 3, or 4. TIs may transmit procedures to implement final regu­lations, interim final rules, and court orders, or they may transmit previously published documents such as State plans for defining disability.

II. Numbering of the Temporary Instructions

TIs follow a numbering system similar to the one we use in the other Volume 1 HALLEX Divisions. Following "I", a 3, 4 or 5 digit number, separated by hyphens, identifies each TI. The TIs are numbered sequentially within the chapter.

  • The first digit identifies the Division, i.e., the first digit is a "5."

  • The second digit identifies the subdivision. There are six subdivisions:

    5-0 Introduction to Temporary Instructions

    5-1 General Subjects

    5-2 Retirement and Survivors Insurance and Supplemental Security Income (RSI/SSI) Matters

    5-3 Disability Matters

    5-4 Court Cases

    5-5 Reserved for future use

  • The numerical order in which we issue the TIs determines the third and fourth digits, e.g., the first court case TI is 5- 4-1.

III. Using the Temporary Instructions

When appropriate, we annotate the related permanent instruction(s) to reflect the existence of the TI.

IV. Format of the Temporary Instructions

The purpose and content of a particular TI will control how we organize and format the TI. When the TI carries a policy guidance statement and procedures to implement the policy, we will generally organize the TI as follows:

  • I. Purpose

  • II. Introduction

  • III. Policy Statement

  • IV. Implementing Procedures

  • V. Inquiries

If the TI transmits instructions for implementing a class action court order, we may organize the TI as follows:

  • I. Background

  • II. Definition of Class

  • III. Implementation of the Court Order

  • IV. Adjudication of Cases

  • V. Reporting Requirements

  • VI. Inquiries

Due to the varying categories of information the TIs will transmit, there are no absolute rules for organizing a TI. However, we will follow the Roman numeral breakdown, i.e., I., II., III., etc. as shown above, unless the information being communicated does not lend itself to that type of organization.

This TI provides a sample of the organization and spacing we will use most frequently in the TIs. An example of the possible arrangement and spacing of text material follows.


IV. Implementing Procedures

A. Title


B. Title





C. Title