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Office of Hearings and Appeals

Volume I

Transmittal No. I-1-01

Chapter: I-1-000 through I-1-400

Subject: General Subjects

Action Note

Volume I, Division 1 of HALLEX contains general information. Designate a binder for Volume I, Division 1.


This issuance is the first for Volume I, Division 1 of HALLEX. It transmits the Introduction to HALLEX and Chapters 1 through 4. The tabs for Division 1 were previously issued.

Explanation of Content and Changes

This issuance transmits the general subjects chapters and discusses the following:

  • introduction to HALLEX

  • representation of claimants

  • attorney fees

  • fraud and criminal violations

  • disclosure of information

A transmittal check list for Volume I, Division 1 is also included.


Insert in binder for Volume I, Division 1 behind the Tab marked “General Subjects.”

Insert 1-000 after the Tab marked “Introduction to HALLEX.”

Insert 1-100 after the Tab marked “Representation.”

Insert 1-200 after the Tab marked “Attorney Fees.”

Insert 1-300 after the Tab marked “Fraud and Criminal Violations.”

Insert 1-400 after the Tab marked “Information Disclosures.”

Insert the transmittal check list in the binder for Division 1.

Date: March 1, 1990