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Office of Hearings and Appeals

Volume I

Transmittal No. I-1-45

Chapter: I-1-0

Subject: Introduction to HALLEX

Explanation of Content and Changes

This transmittal revises sections I-1-0-6 (Preparing a HALLEX Transmittal) and I-1-0-7 (Checklist for Authors of HALLEX Issuances). In addition, I-1-0-8 (Sample Clearance Route Slip) has been updated. I-1-0-9 (Comment Summary Format) and I-1-0-10 (Sheet to Communicate Index Changes) are being reissued with editorial changes.

Subsection I-1-0-6 A. is revised to indicate that as of June 2002, an electronic process for producing HALLEX transmittals was introduced that uses the Intranet (Policy Net) and the Policy Repository to develop HALLEX and a customized Microsoft Word template to format HALLEX transmittals.

Subsection I-1-0-6 D. has been added to describe the Word template used in authoring HALLEX documents to maintain formatting integrity throughout the HALLEX system.

Section I-1-0-7 has been revised to include reference to the HALLEX template and update the titles of several components due to an OHA reorganization that took place since this section was last revised.

Section I-1-0-8 (Sample Clearance Route Slip) has been updated to reflect the reviewing audience for HALLEX transmittals and their locations.

This transmittal also includes a number of editorial revisions.

Date: June 3, 2003