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Office of Hearings and Appeals

Volume I

Transmittal No. I-1-55

Chapter: I-1-6

Subject: Congressional Inquiries

Explanation of Content and Changes

This transmittal updates and revises Chapter I-1-6 (Congressional Inquiries).

Chapter I-1-6 is revised to reflect the following:

  • The Case Processing and Management System (CPMS) has replaced the Hearing Office Tracking System (HOTS).

  • References to the former Office of Civil Actions (OCA) are replaced with Office of Appellate Operations Court Case Processing and Review Branch (CCPRB).

  • Since this chapter was last updated, the Division of Congressional and Public Inquiries (DCPI) has been reorganized and no longer includes the Telephone Inquiries Branch (TIB), Written Inquiries Branch (WIB) or Typing and Control Branch.

  • Reference to query systems (PCOM, CPMS, ACAPS, LOTS) have been updated.

  • A number of editorial revisions have been made throughout the chapter.

Date: June 30, 2005