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Office of Hearings and Appeals

Volume I

Transmittal No. I-2-06

Chapter: I-2-100

Subject: Prehearing Analysis and Case Workup

Action Notes

In I-2-100:

  • Insert at the end of I-2-137 D. 1., “See I-2-140 for additional information about processing cases involving potential suicide or homicide.”

  • On page I-2-137 cont., dated October 30, 1990:

    • delete “I-2-140 Critical Cases,” and all following text to the end of the page.


In late 1990, the Commissioner directed that SSA develop Agency-wide procedures for expediting claims of individuals who may have a terminal illness. This issuance modifies the existing OHA critical case procedures in order to incorporate the SSA-wide program. The Acting Associate Commissioner introduced these procedures in a memorandum dated January 31, 1991. This HALLEX transmittal explains hearing office and Regional Office processing of critical cases (including terminal illness, or “TERI,” cases).

Explanation of Content and Changes

In I-2-140, we incorporate instructions for hearing office and Regional Office processing of TERI cases into existing procedures for expediting critical cases. We also modify existing instructions to provide a clearer description of each component's responsibilities.


Remove from I-2-100:

I-2-140 B. cont., dated October 30, 1990 through I-2-140 C. 2. cont., dated October 30, 1990 (2 pages).


Insert in I-2-100:

I-2-140, dated February 28, 1992, through I-2-140 G.3. cont., dated February 28, 1992 (6 pages); and

I-2-190 Sample 5, dated February 28, 1992, through I-2-190 Sample 6, dated February 28, 1992 (2 pages).

Date: February 28, 1992