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Office of Hearings and Appeals

Volume I

Transmittal No. I-2-66

Chapter: I-2-0

Subject: Initial Processing of a Request for Hearing


This transmittal clarifies and updates the procedures relating to the initial processing of a request for Administrative Law Judge hearing contained in HALLEX Chapter I-2-0. These changes eliminate outdated references to the Medicare and Black Lung Benefits programs.

Explanation of Content and Changes

I-2-0-1 and I-2-0-40 are revised to remove references to the Medicare and Black Lung Benefits programs.

I-2-0-10 and I-2-0-30 are revised to replace references to the Hearing Office Tracking System (HOTS) with the Case Processing Management System (CPMS).

I-2-0-20 adds instructions for accessing documents in the Document Generation System (DGS).

I-2-0-40 adds procedures for processing requests for hearing by attestation and deletes references to Form HA-5011, used in Medicare cases, and also clarifies procedures for treating Congressional letters as requests for hearing.

I-2-0-50 adds instructions for prototypes states, and removes reference to Form HA-5011.

I-2-0-60 expands the instructions for development procedures for determining good cause for late filing.

I-2-0-70 adds reference to video teleconferencing.

I-2-0-72 updates the procedure for filings by claimants who do not reside in the United States and removes references to Medicare.

I-2-0-80 is revised to replace the phrase “HO file” with “ALJ file” throughout.

I-2-0-90 Sample — Acknowledgment Letter - Oral Hearing Requested - Represented Claimant has been removed because it is now accessible in DGS.

I-2-0-93 Exhibit — Enclosure - Reimbursement of Travel Expenses has been removed because it is now part of DGS.

Updated regulatory references have been added and editorial revisions made throughout the chapter.

Date: September 28, 2005