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Office of Hearings and Appeals

Volume I

Transmittal No. I-3-03

Chapter: I-3-800

Subject: Appeals Council Decisions

Explanation of Content and Changes

When a disability case is decided at the last step of the sequential evaluation process, the decision must contain a statement explicitly acknowledging that the burden of showing that the claimant can perform other work shifts to the Secretary. Section I-3-812 B. 5. has been revised to provide sample language to be included in the decision.


Remove from Chapter I-3-800:

Pages I-3-812 B. 4. cont., and I-3-812 B. 5. cont., dated October 30, 1990 (2 pages).


A transmittal checklist for Volume I, Division 3 is included.

Insert in Chapter I-3-800:

I-3-812 B. 4. cont., I-3-812 B. 5. cont., and I-3-812 C. dated September 15, 1991 (3 pages).

Date: September 15, 1991