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Office of Hearings and Appeals

Volume I

Transmittal No. I-3-05

Chapter: I-3-000

Subject: Office of Appellate Operations and Appeals Council Functions

Action Notes

In I-3-000:

  • On page I-3-060 C. cont., dated October 30, 1990, after “I-3-071 Docket and Files Procedures,” add “(Revised 02/92).”

  • On page I-3-085 dated October 30, 1990, after the second line of section I-3-090, add:

    3. Flag Terminal Illness (TERI) Flag

    4. Flag Critical Case Flag


In late 1990, the Commissioner directed that SSA develop Agency-wide procedures for expediting claims of individuals who may have a terminal illness. This issuance is one part of a modification to existing OHA critical case procedures in order to incorporate the SSA-wide program. The Acting Associate Commissioner introduced these procedures in a memorandum dated January 31, 1991. This HALLEX transmittal updates the Office of Appellate Operations" Docket and Files Branch and Program Review Branch case screening instructions based on the new procedures.

Explanation of Content and Changes

In I-3-071 and I-3-080, we modify critical case expediting instructions for Docket and Files and Program Review Branch personnel who screen incoming request for review cases.


Remove from I-3-000:

I-3-071 A. cont., dated October 30, 1990 through I-3-071 B. cont., dated October 30, 1990 (2 pages).


Insert in I-3-000:

I-3-071 A. cont., dated February 28, 1992 through I-3-080 cont., dated February 28, 1992 (3 pages); and

I-3-090 cont. EXHIBIT 3, dated February 28, 1992, through I-3-090 cont. EXHIBIT 4, dated February 28, 1992 (2 pages).

Date: February 28, 1992