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Office of Analytics, Review, and Oversight

Volume I

Transmittal No. I-3-177

Chapter: I-3-2

Subject: General Workup and Analysis Procedures


This transmittal creates a new section in chapter I- 3-2 of the Hearings, Appeals and Litigation Law (HALLEX) manual to provide instructions for processing cases containing an unadjudicated claim at the Appeals Council (AC) level.

Explanation of Content and Changes

HALLEX I-3-2-23 – We added a new section to explain how the AC handles cases in which an administrative law judge did not adjudicate a claim. In subsection A, we provided a list of examples where an unadjudicated claim may exist. In subsection B, we explained the procedure for processing an unadjudicated claim at the AC level. Specifically, we clarified when the AC may review a case based on an unadjudicated claim, and when denying the request for review is appropriate. We also explained the specific actions the AC will take to notify the servicing field office of a potentially unadjudicated claim after it denies review of a case.

Date: February 12, 2021