421.When is a parent of a deceased person entitled to parent's benefits?

You are entitled to parent's benefits as a parent of a deceased insured worker if the conditions below are met:

  1. The insured worker was fully insured (as defined in §203) at the time of death;

  2. You file an application for parent's benefits (see §1511 for completing application forms);

  3. You have reached age 62;

  4. You are not entitled to a retirement insurance benefit that is equal to or larger than the amount of the unadjusted parent's insurance benefit after any increase to the minimum benefit;

  5. You were receiving at least one-half support from the insured worker at the applicable time (see §423);

  6. You filed evidence that the support requirement was met with the Social Security Administration within the required time limit (see §424);

  7. You have not remarried since the insured worker's death; and

  8. One of the following conditions is met:

    1. You are the parent and would be eligible under the laws of the State where the worker had a permanent home when he or she died to share in the intestate personal property of the worker as the worker's parent (see §422);

    2. You legally adopted the insured worker before he or she turned 16; or

    3. You became the deceased's stepparent by a marriage entered into before the deceased turned 16.

Last Revised: Sep. 1, 2009