1204.How is income credited when a partner dies?

To calculate a partner's share of the profit or loss, follow the steps below:

  1. Calculate the total profit or loss for the partnership.

  2. Deduct any guaranteed payments from the total profits or losses.

  3. Assume that the profits or losses occurred at a uniform rate throughout the year.

  4. Multiply the monthly profit or loss from (A) by the number of months the partner was living, counting the month of death as a full month, and by the partner's proportional share in the partnership.

  5. Add a proportion of the guaranteed payments equivalent to the number of months the partner was living during the taxable year.

Calculating partners' share of partnership when a partner dies.

  1. John, Mary, and David were partners sharing in profits and losses in the proportions of 2/9, 3/9, and 4/9 respectively.

  2. During the partnership taxable year which ended June 30, 1987, the partnership profit amounted to $15,000.

  3. John died October 15, 1986.

  4. John had a guaranteed payment of $2,400 a year because of an investment in the business.

  5. Deducting John's share because of the capital interest (guaranteed payment) leaves $12,600 or $1,050 per month.

  6. John is entitled to 2/9 of $1,050 for 4 months or $933.33.

  7. John is also entitled to 4/12 of the $2,400 guaranteed payment because of the interest in the business.

  8. Adding $800 to $933.33 gives $1,733.33 as John's distributive share of partnership earnings that is creditable for Social Security purposes for the year of John's death.