1425.Time Limit Extended if an Investigation is in Progress

1425.1Can revisions be made after the time limit has run out?

The earnings record for a year may be revised even after the time limit for that year has run out if, before it ran out, the worker or the worker's survivor:

  1. Applied for benefits; or

  2. Requested a revision of his or her earnings record for that year.

1425.2When can the earnings record be corrected?

That part of the earnings record open to correction at the time of filing the application may be corrected up until a final decision is made on the earnings issue.

1425.3Can the earnings record be revised after a final decision?

No, after a final decision has been made on the earnings issue, you may not revise your earnings record for that year.

1425.4What years can be corrected?

The only years open to correction are:

  1. Those years for which revision has specifically been requested before the time limit ran out; and

  2. Those years in which the time limits ran out before the date of the final decision.

1425.5What is the definition of survivor?

“Survivor” in this section means the worker's widow (including a surviving divorced wife or surviving divorced mother), widower (including a surviving divorced husband or surviving divorced father), child, or parent.