1611.What evidence is needed before a payee is selected?

1611.1What evidence is needed to become a payee?

A payee applicant must produce evidence of his or her:

  • Identity;

  • Relationship to the beneficiary;

  • Concern and responsibility for the care of the beneficiary; and

  • SSN or EIN.

1611.2What if a court has appointed a guardian?

A guardian, trustee, committee, conservator, or other court-appointed fiduciary must submit a certified copy of the letters or court order of appointment. This evidence must show that the appointment is still in full force and effect.

1611.3Will SSA request information after the selection?

At least once a year, we will request a written report from the payee showing how the funds received were spent or saved.

We may also, at any time after the selection of a representative payee, ask the payee to furnish information showing a continuing relationship to the beneficiary and a continuing responsibility for the care of the beneficiary.

1611.4What happens if the payee does not submit the required information?

If we do not receive the information when requested, we may initiate an investigation to determine if the payee has misused the beneficiary’s funds. We may also select a different representative payee.

Last Revised: Nov. 16, 2010