1615.What if a beneficiary’s ability to manage benefits has improved?

1615.1When should a beneficiary submit evidence of capability?

Whenever an adult beneficiary has been receiving payments through a payee and believes he/she is now able to manage benefit payments, he or she should contact SSA and submit evidence of capability.

1615.2What evidence should the beneficiary submit?

The beneficiary should submit:

  • A signed statement from a physician or from a medical officer of the institution where he or she is or was residing, which shows the beneficiary's present capability to manage benefits (see §1607); or

  • Any other evidence that establishes the beneficiary's ability to manage or direct the management of benefits; or

  • A certified copy of a court order restoring the beneficiary's rights in a case in which he or she was previously judged legally incompetent.

Last Revised: Nov. 16, 2010