SSA logo: link to Social Security Online home1623. Accounting for Use of Funds

1623.1 How do I account for the use of the beneficiary's funds?

We send you an annual report (Representative Payee Report) to explain how you used the funds for the prior 12-month report period. You should keep records throughout the year so that you can provide an accurate accounting. In addition to the annual report, you may have to submit a report at other times as well.

1623.2 Do State mental institutions receive this report form?

Some State mental institutions receive this report form for each beneficiary. However, most State mental institutions are subject to a different monitoring process (see §1624).

1623.3 How does SSA evaluate my performance?

We assess your performance by asking the following information on the report:

  1. Did you determine how to spend or save the funds;

  2. How did you use the funds;

  3. How much of the funds did you save and how did you invest the savings;

  4. Did you have a felony conviction during the report period; and

  5. Did the beneficiary live alone, or with the same person, or in the same institution during the report period.

1623.4 Does SSA request additional information?

Based on your responses, we may interview you, the beneficiary, and the custodian. In addition, we may require a more detailed report (Representative Payee Evaluation Report) in order to determine if you continue to be the most suitable payee.

1623.5 Does SSA conduct any additional monitoring of payees?

We visit some organizational and individual payees and examine their beneficiary accounting records. In addition, we interview some of the beneficiaries' concerning their payee's performance. This site visit program gives us the opportunity to provide ongoing education to payees about their responsibilities. Furthermore, it helps to improve the lines of communication between the payees and us.

Last Revised: Apr. 26, 2010