2107.1Can SSA make eligibility decisions for the States?

Under Section 1634 of the Social Security Act, States can contract to have us make Medicaid eligibility decisions for SSI recipients. In these States, the SSI application serves as an application for Medicaid.

2107.2What roles do the States play in administering Medicaid?

The States are responsible for sending Medicaid notices and issuing Medicaid cards or coupons. For SSI recipients in States contracting with us per 2107.1 above, Medicaid eligibility notices will be based on information given to them by the State data exchange (SDX) system.

2107.3What if SSA does not make Medicaid decisions in a certain State?

If we do not make Medicaid eligibility decisions in a certain State, local Social Security offices advise applicants who have questions about Medicaid to visit their local Medicaid office.

Last Revised: Aug. 4, 2006