2125.Continuing Eligibility

2125.1Why does SSA reevaluate eligibility for SSI?

We periodically reevaluate the eligibility of each SSI recipient to insure that eligibility continues and that payments are in the proper amount.

2125.2What is covered in the reevaluation?

Except for individuals turning age 18, reevaluation covers all factors of eligibility except age, citizenship, and continuing disability or blindness. Every individual eligible based on a disability in the month before the month of turning 18 is subject to a reevaluation of disability based on the initial adult standards.

2125.3How often does SSA reevaluate eligibility?

The length of time between scheduled reevaluations varies depending on the likelihood that your situation may change in a way that affects your eligibility and/or payment amount.

2125.4What is your role in a reevaluation?

We contact eligible individuals and couples for the reevaluation. It may be conducted by mail, telephone, or personal interview. You will be asked to provide the same kind of information that you gave when you applied. We may also ask you to provide evidence on factors subject to change, such as income, resources, living arrangements, etc.