2145.Temporary Absences and In-kind Support and Maintenance

2145.1How does your temporary absence affect the value of in-kind support and maintenance?

A temporary absence may be due to employment, hospitalization, vacations, or visits. When you are temporarily absent from a permanent living arrangement, in-kind support and maintenance continues to be valued based on your permanent living arrangement. We do not count in-kind support and maintenance you receive during your temporary absence.

If the value of the one-third reduction applies in your permanent living arrangement, the value of the one-third reduction continues to apply while you are temporarily absent. This is true even if you pay for food or shelter during your absence.

2145.2When are you considered temporarily absent?

You are temporarily absent when you:

  1. Were in a permanent living arrangement for at least one full calendar month; and

  2. Intend to and do return to the permanent living arrangement in the same calendar month or the next month.

2145.3Are there any other situations when you may be considered temporarily absent for the purpose of valuing in-kind support and maintenance?

There are other situations where you are considered temporarily absent. In the following situations, we value your in-kind support and maintenance based on your permanent living arrangement, regardless of the length of your stay in the facility.

  1. When you are away because of a stay in a medical treatment facility under circumstances such that the $30 payment limit applies, but you intend to return to your permanent living arrangement.

    Note: Room and board provided during a medical confinement is not income. No in-kind support and maintenance is considered during the absence.

  2. A child under age 22 is generally temporarily absent while away at school, regardless of the length of the absence. As long as the child comes home on some weekends, or for lengthy holidays or vacations, the child is temporarily absent.

    Note: If a child is under age 18 and his or her permanent living arrangement is with an ineligible parent, the deeming rules continue to apply during the temporary absence (see §2167). Any in-kind support and maintenance received at the school and not paid for by the parent is income.

Last Revised: Jul. 17, 2007