2164.Conditional Payments Despite Excess Resources

2164.1Can you receive conditional payments even if you have excess resources?

If your countable resources are more than the applicable limit, you may be able to receive conditional payments. Conditional payments are made when your countable resources include some that are non-liquid. We recognize that it can take months to convert non-liquid resources to cash for support and maintenance.

2164.2Are you still eligible for regular SSI benefits if you receive conditional payments?

If you receive conditional payments, you are not eligible for regular SSI benefits. You must refund the payments at the end of the conditional payment period.

2164.3Under what circumstances can you receive conditional SSI payments?

You can receive conditional SSI payments only if:

  1. Your total countable liquid resources do not exceed the statutory limit of $2,000 for an individual and $3,000 for a couple; and

  2. You agree to dispose of the excess non-liquid resources within nine months if real property (three months for other property) and refund the SSI payments you receive during that period. The time limit for personal property may be extended an additional three months for good cause. If you do not sell the property, see §2163.

Last Revised: Feb. 24, 2009