2178.Special Cash Benefits to Disabled Individuals Who Engage in SGA

2178.1Do you engage in Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA)?

We provide special SSI cash benefits if your gross earned income is at the amount designated as the SGA level (earnings over $900 a month in 2007). You must continue to be disabled and meet all other eligibility rules.

2178.2How is the special cash benefit computed?

There are no special computations. The only difference between the regular rules and the special rules is that the special rules allow you to be eligible even if you are performing SGA. Your payment amount is still calculated in the usual way. States that pay SSI supplements have the option of supplementing special benefit cases.

2178.3How do you get the first month of the special benefit?

To get the first month of special SSI cash benefits, you must have been eligible to receive a regular SSI cash payment in a previous month within the current period of eligibility. Then, special benefits may be paid for later months until you become eligible again under the regular rules or become ineligible.

Last Revised: Jan. 31, 2007