2182.Computation of Payments

2182.1How are payment rates reduced?

Payment rates described in §2180 are reduced by your countable income. If the remainder is more than $0 but less than $1, you are paid $1 for the month. If the amount is less than $1, but being paid as a retroactive payment of more than $1, the actual amount will be paid. For example, you are due $.50 for 4 months. We will pay you $2.00 in one payment.

2182.2What is the benefit paid to a couple?

The SSI benefit due a couple is:

  1. The couple's FBR; plus

  2. Any essential person increment (see §2172.5) and federally administered State supplementary payment (see §2181) due; less

  3. The couple's countable income; plus

  4. Federally administered State supplementary payment (see §2181); less

  5. Any remaining countable income.

Generally, each member of an eligible couple is paid one-half of the couple benefit.

2182.3Who receives payment if payment is higher due to an essential person?

If your payment computation includes an amount due because of an essential person, the increment is paid to you (and/or your eligible spouse), and not to the essential person.

2182.4How are you paid if SSA administers the State supplementary payment?

When a Federal/State agreement allows us to administer your State supplementary payment, we add the supplementary payment to your monthly SSI payment. We pay you the total in one check.

Last Revised: Nov. 3, 2003