2184.Proration of SSI Payments

2184.1What does proration of SSI payments mean?

“Proration” means that you receive a fraction of your SSI benefit (Federal benefit plus any federally administered State supplement) that would otherwise be due for the month.

2184.2When does proration of benefits occur?

Proration happens only in the first month you re-attain eligibility after a period of ineligibility. The fraction is based on the date you first re-attain all factors of eligibility for SSI. Both Federal SSI and federally administered State supplementary payments are subject to proration.

2184.3What causes proration of benefits?

Factors that can cause proration are:

  1. No longer being a resident of a public institution;

  2. Being present in the U.S. after an absence;

  3. Regaining residency status in the U.S.;

  4. Again meeting the definition of citizen, alien lawfully admitted to U.S., or alien permanently residing in the U.S. under color of law; and

  5. Compliance to file for other benefits.

2184.4What is the formula for proration?

The proration formula is as follows:

  1. Take the benefit that you would otherwise be due for the month;

  2. Multiply the amount in (A) by the number of days in the month from (and including) the date you meet all factors of eligibility through the end of the month; and

  3. Divide the amount in (B) by the total number of days in the month.

Last Revised: Jan. 20, 2006