2604.Whose income is counted?

We count only your income if you are not married, or if you are married but not living with your spouse at the time that you apply for Extra Help.

If you are married and are living with your spouse in the same household in the month you apply for Extra Help, we count the income of both spouses.

If the amount of Extra Help you are eligible for is based on the income of both spouses, we stop counting your spouse's income in the month following the month that a report is received that you and your spouse stopped living together.

2604.1Periods for which income is counted.

For purposes of determining your eligibility for Extra Help and how much Extra Help you will receive, we consider all of the countable income you and your living-with spouse receive (or expect to receive) during the year for which your eligibility is being determined.

Last Revised: Nov. 30, 2010