Rescinded 1984

SSR 80-19: Section 218(s) (42 U.S.C. 418(s))—State and Local Coverage— Commissioner's Ruling of State's Request for Review—Missouri—Status of Services and Fees of Motor Vehicle License Agents

20 CFR 404.1004(c) and 404.1026(a)(3)

SSR 80-19

(SSR 82-7 Rescinded)

SSR (C.B. 1971-1975, p. 357), which incorporated the Commissioner's decision on the status of services and fees of motor vehicle license agents in the State of Missouri, is rescinded without replacement. Subsequent development in connection with a court review under section 218(t) of the Social Security Act indicates that SSR 72-7 may not accurately describe the factual situation and is, therefore, misleading.

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