Jail cooks, Allen and Vigo Counties, Indiana, SSR 65-57, SSR 73-17c

Judicial review:

appeal from Administration's refusal to reopen prior final decision, SSR 64-22c, SSR 67-39c, SSR 68-58c, SSR 77-28c, SSR 81-12c, SSR 84-10c, SSR 88-01c
appellate court review, jurisdiction of district court, SSR 68-57c
attorney's fee fixed by Administration, constitutionality, SSR 82-19c, SSR 86-10c
authority to regulate and approve attorney's fees, SSR 66-19c, SSR 68-47c
failure to request hearing within prescribed time period, SSR 65-26c, SSR 68-17c, SSR 77-08c
finality of decision, SSR 70-31c
nonestoppel of Administration to require compliance with statutory requirement for entitlement, SSR 64-19c, SSR 64-18c, SSR 66-17c, SSR 70-19c
referral of Social Security cases to U.S. Magistrate, SSR 76-14c
res judicata, SSR 65-07c, SSR 70-31c
substantial gainful activity, SSR 70-56c
Supreme Court direct review of district court decisions, SSR 84-21c
termination of benefits because of deportation, constitutionality of section 202(n) of the Social Security Act, SSCD 60-1

Judicially imposed deadlines in the administrative appeals process, SSR 84-22c

Justices of the peace, constables, and registrars of vital statistics, Nebraska, SSR 73-58c

Justice of the peace, services and wages, SSR 77-17

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