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Sec1868[42 U.S.C. 1395ee] (a) [Repealed.[343]]

(b) Council for Technology and Innovation.—

(1) Establishment.—The Secretary shall establish a Council for Technology and Innovation within the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (in this section referred to as “CMS”).

(2) Composition.—The Council shall be composed of senior CMS staff and clinicians and shall be chaired by the Executive Coordinator for Technology and Innovation (appointed or designated under paragraph (4)).

(3) Duties.—The Council shall coordinate the activities of coverage, coding, and payment processes under this title with respect to new technologies and procedures, including new drug therapies, and shall coordinate the exchange of information on new technologies between CMS and other entities that make similar decisions.

(4) Executive coordinator for technology and innovation.—The Secretary shall appoint (or designate) a noncareer appointee (as defined in section 3132(a)(7) of title 5, United States Code) who shall serve as the Executive Coordinator for Technology and Innovation. Such executive coordinator shall report to the Administrator of CMS, shall chair the Council, shall oversee the execution of its duties, and shall serve as a single point of contact for outside groups and entities regarding the coverage, coding, and payment processes under this title.

[343]  P.L. 111–148, §3134(b)(2), 124 Stat. 435.