Sec1908[42 U.S.C. 1396g] (a) For purposes of section 1902(a)(29), a “State program for the licensing of administrators of nursing homes” is a program which provides that no nursing home within the State may operate except under the supervision of an administrator licensed in the manner provided in this section.

(b) Licensing of nursing home administrators shall be carried out by the agency of the State responsible for licensing under the healing arts licensing act of the State, or, on the absence of such act or such an agency, a board representative of the professions and institutions concerned with care of chronically ill and inform aged patients and established to carry out the purposes of this section.

(c) It shall be the function and duty of such agency or board to—

(1) develop, impose, and enforce standards which must be met by individuals in order to receive a license as a nursing home administrator, which standards shall be designed to insure that nursing home administrators will be individuals who are of good character and are otherwise suitable, and who, by training or experience in the field of institutional administration, are qualified to serve as nursing home administrators;

(2) develop and apply appropriate techniques, including examinations and investigations, for determining whether an individual meets such standards;

(3) issue licenses to individuals determined, after the application of such techniques, to meet such standards, and revoke or suspend licenses previously issued by the board in any case where the individual holding any such license is determined substantially to have failed to conform to the requirements of such standards;

(4) establish and carry out procedures designed to insure that individuals licensed as nursing home administrators will, during any period that they serve as such, comply with the requirements of such standards;

(5) receive, investigate, and take appropriate action with respect to, any charge or complaint filed with the board to the effect that any individual licensed as a nursing home administrator has failed to comply with the requirements of such standards; and

(6) conduct a continuing study and investigation of nursing homes and administrators of nursing homes within the State with a view to the improvement of the standards imposed for the licensing of such administrators and of procedures and methods for the enforcement of such standards with respect to administrators of nursing homes who have been licensed as such.

(d) No State shall be considered to have failed to comply with the provisions of section 1902(a)(29) because the agency or board of such State (established pursuant to subsection (b)) shall have granted any waiver, with respect to any individual who, during all of the three calendar years immediately preceding the calendar year in which the requirements prescribed in section 1902(a)(29) are first met by the State, has served as a nursing home administrator, of any of the standards developed, imposed, and enforced by such agency or board pursuant to subsection (c).

(e) As used in this section, the term—

(1) “nursing home” means any institution or facility defined as such for licensing purposes under State law, or, if State law does not employ the term nursing home, the equivalent term or terms as determined by the Secretary, but a religious nonmedical health care institution (as defined in section 1861(ss)(1)).

(2) “nursing home administrator” means any individual who is charged with the general administration of a nursing home whether or not such individual has an ownership interest in such home and whether or not his functions and duties are shared with one or more other individuals.

[224]  P.L. 101-508, §4801(e)(11)(B), repealed this section, effective on the date on which the Secretary promulgates standards regarding the qualifications of nursing facility administrators under §1919(f)(4). The Secretary has not, to date, promulgated such standards and is not expected to promulgate them in the near future.