Sec. 2101. Purpose; State child health plans

Sec. 2102. General contents of State child health plan; eligibility; outreach

Sec. 2103. Coverage requirements for children’s health insurance

Sec. 2104. Allotments

Sec. 2105. Payments to States

Sec. 2106. Process for submission, approval, and amendment of State child health plans

Sec. 2107. Strategic objectives and performance goals; plan administration

Sec. 2108. Annual reports; evaluations

Sec. 2109. Miscellaneous provisions

Sec. 2110. Definitions

Sec. 2111. Phase-out of coverage for nonpregnant childless adults under CHIP; conditions for coverage of parents

Sec. 2112. Optional coverage of targeted low-income pregnant women through a State plan amendment

Sec. 2113. Grants to improve outreach and enrollment

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