Email Confirmation Best Practice

Email Confirmation

Email confirmations are a pair of inputs used to verify a user's email address.

Challenges disabled users face with email confirmations are:

  • Knowing when text is dynamically added to the screen.


Identify dynamically added text

Use role attribute to identify dynamically added text:

email_confirm.js (excerpt)
var newAlert = document.createElement("div");
newAlert.setAttribute("role", "alert");
newAlert.setAttribute("id", "alert");

var msg = document.createTextNode(aMsg);

var alertArea = document.getElementById("alertArea");

Identify dynamically added text

  1. Tab to the input control and enter a value for E-mail Address.
  2. Tab to the next input control and enter the email address again.
  3. Tab to the Submit button. Email validation occurs when focus leaves the 2nd email input control.
  4. An alert should appear and be read by JAWS to alert the user whether the two values entered match or not.

Identify dynamically added text