Links are used to reference a resource outside of or within a document or web page.

Challenges faced by disabled users with links are:

  • Understanding what text within a link means
  • Understanding what a link is referencing


Regular Links

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Breadcrumb Links

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Embedded Links

SSA eServices took the top three spots in the Q1/10 ACSI report card. Retirement Estimator and iClaim tied to lead all scores at 90, and Medicare Subsidy scored 87 to place 3rd. The overall SSA aggregate score (seven surveys) was 80, tops in Federal Government. Read more

A message from the Chief Information Officer on Social Security's Open Government Plan. (04/07/10)

Repetitive Links

Function Name Email
Edit John Wayne
Edit Clint Eastwood

Link text is descriptive

Text should plainly describe a link's destination:

default.htm (excerpt)
<a …>Best Practices Library</a>

Add a title attribute to links with abbreviations or generic text to expand on their meaning:

default.htm (excerpt)
<p>Regular Links</p>
<a … title="Accessibility Resource Center Home Page">ARC Home Page</a>

<p>Embedded Links</p>
<a … title="Read more about SSA eServices in the American Customer Satisfaction Index report card">Read more</a>
<a … title="A message from the Chief Information Officer">message</a>

<p>Repetitive Links</p>
<a href="…" title="Edit John Wayne's record">Edit</a>
<a href="…" title="Edit Clint Eastwood's record">Edit</a>

Add an alt attribute to any image links to expand on their meaning:

default.htm (excerpt)
<p>Regular Links</p>
<a …><img src="…" alt="Next Page"/></a>

Link text is descriptive

Web Accessibility Toolbar
  1. Select Doc Info - Show Titles
  2. Verify titles are appropriate for any abbreviations/acronym, embedded links and repetitive links
  3. Select Images - Show Images
  4. Verify alt text is appropriate for any image links

Link text is descriptive

  1. Tab through links
  2. Verify what is spoken for each link is meaningful