Basic Data Tables

A data table allows content authors to arrange data into rows and columns of cells.

Challenges disabled users face using data tables are:

  • Understanding the intent behind the table
  • Understanding the relationship between data and header cells
  • When sorting is available, understanding how a column can be sorted


Simple Table with Sorting

Sports Cars Not Sorted
Make Model Year
Dodge Viper 2010
Ford Mustang 2005
Dodge Charger 2010
Chevy Camaro 2002
Chevy Corvette 2002

Complex Table

Make Model Year Mileage
Sports Cars
Dodge Viper 2010 5,000
Dodge Charger 2010 3,500
Ford Mustang 2005 25,000
Chevy Camaro 2002 50,000
Chevy Corvette 2002 40,000
Dodge Durango 2010 8,500
Cadillac Escalade 2009 3,000
Ford Expedition 2007 30,000