This library was created by SSA to address various problems related to accessibility.

Each Best Practice is made up of the following:

  • a concise explanation of the problem
  • an interactive example showing the solution
  • a detailed look at how the example was built
  • a method for testing the desired results


Let's look at how various data entry tasks can be made to work properly for someone with a disability:


Let's look at how we can allow images to be understood by someone with a visual impairment:


Let's look at how we can enhance the usability of a document or form for someone with a disability:


Let's look at how we can make it easier for someone with a disability to understand what's being shown in a data table:

Index of accessibility key words and related best practices

Key Word Related Best Practices
Accesskey Buttons, Search, Basic Form, News Slider
Alternative Text Basic Images, Links
ARIA Calendar, Input Controls, Search, Timeout, Basic Page, Basic Tables
Buttons Buttons, Basic Form
Calendar Widget Calendar
Cancel Buttons, Basic Form
Captions Basic Tables
Character Counter Error Handling, Basic Form
Check Box Input Controls
Color/Contrast Basic Images, Basic Page
Column Header Basic Tables
CSS Input Controls, Search, Timeout
Date Selector Calendar
Dialog Box Dialog Box, Standard Dialog Box
Displaying Accesskeys Buttons
Drop Down List Box Input Controls, Basic Form
Embedded Links Links
Error Handling Error Handling, Basic Form
Esc to Close Dialog Box, Standard Dialog Box
Exiting Menus Menu
Expanding Menus Menu
File Input/Upload Box Input Controls
Focus Dialog Box, Error Handling, Input Controls, Search, Timeout, Basic Page
Fonts Basic Page
Form Instructions Using Title Attribute Calendar, Error Handling, Input Controls
Headings Dialog Box, Error Handling, Search, Timeout, Basic Page
Images Basic Images
Instructional Text Search, Links, Menu, News Slider
Keyboard Navigation Menu, News Slider
Label Input Controls
Labeling Frames
Link Descriptions Links
Links Links
Menu Menu
Multi-Line Text Box Input Controls, Basic Form
Navigation Links, Menu, News Slider
onClick Standard Dialog Box
Page Title Basic Page
Pictures Basic Images
Radio Button Input Controls, Basic Form
Removing from Tab Order
Repetitive Links Links
Results Search
Show/Hide Basic Images
Single-Line Text Box Input Controls, Basic Form
Skip Navigation Basic Page
Slides News Slider
Sorting Basic Tables
Spanning Rows or Columns Basic Tables
Starting & Stopping Slides News Slider
State Menu, Sort, Show/Hide
Submenu Menu
Submit Buttons, Basic Form
Tab Order or Tab Index Dialog Box, Error Handling, Calendar, Search
Table Basic Tables
Table Headers Basic Tables
Table Summary Attribute Basic Tables
Text Box Calendar, Error Handling, Input Controls, Basic Form
Text Counter Error Handling, Basic Form
Text Size Basic Page
Title (Page) Calendar, Search, Basic Form
Title Tag Buttons, Calendar, Dialog Box, Input Controls, Basic Page


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