In-House Traning

Existing In-House Course Topic Database

This database provides a sampling of in-house course topics available to Social Security Administration (SSA) employees. The list is not all inclusive and should be used as a reference tool. These course topics are not procured from commercial sources; therefore, no procurement opportunities exists for these course topics.

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Course Title Training Delivery
Advanced EEO Counseling Classroom
Advanced Position Classification Classroom
Advanced Processing Personnel Actions CD-ROM
Adverse and Performance-based Actions Classroom
Alternative Dispute Resolution Classroom
Americans with Disabilities Act Online
Avoiding Harassment Claims: Policies and Procedures Online
Avoiding the Pitfalls of Discrimination Classroom
Basic EEO Counseling Classroom
Basic Employee Benefits for Personnel Classroom
Basic Employee Relations Classroom
Basic IT Concepts I & II Online
Basic Labor Relations Classroom
Basic Labor Relations Correspondence
Basic Position Classification Classroom
Basic Processing Personnel Actions CD-ROM
Basic Staffing and Placement Classroom
Basic Staffing and Placement Correspondence
Building a Firm Foundation Online
Business Ethics Online
Calculating Service Computation Dates CD-ROM
Career Enrichment Workshop Classroom
Career Planning Workshop Classroom
Classification for Supervisors Correspondence
Communication and Diversity Adoption Online
Conducting Effective Interviews Online
Conducting the Behavioral-based Interview Online
Conflict Across Cultures Classroom
Consulting Skills for HR Professionals Classroom
Corporate Culture and Diversity Online
Correcting Employee Performance and Conduct Classroom
Critical Parameters for Evaluating Candidates Online
CSRS Benefits Applications Classroom
Culture and Behavior Online
Data Collection and Analysis Classroom
Diversity in the Workplace Online
Training Delivery Correspondence
EEO for Federal Employees Classroom
EEO Its Place in the Federal Government Correspondence
EEO Update for Discrimination Complaint Investigators Classroom
EEO Update for EEO Counselors Classroom
Effective Communication with Customers Classroom
Employment Civil Rights Overview Online
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Online
Experiencing the Behavioral-based Interview Online
Facilitating Effective Hiring Online
Facilitator Workshop Classroom
Fair Labor Standards Workshop Classroom
Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Online
Federal EEO Foundations Online
FERS Benefits Applications Classroom
Freedom of Information Act Classroom
Gathering HR Management Information (HRMI) Online
Getting the Workforce Your Company Needs Online
Getting through the Legal Process Online
Hostile Work Environment Harassment Online
How to Make Your Company Safer Online
Human Resources Planning and Analysis Online
Introduction to Employee Development Classroom
Introduction to Federal EEO CD-ROM
Introduction to Human Resources Management Classroom
Investigating Discrimination Complaints Classroom
Job Analysis and KSA Examining Classroom
Keeping Your Company out of Legal Trouble Online
Management Skills for the Diverse Workforce Online
Managing a Special Emphasis Program Classroom
Managing a Violent Crisis Online
Managing Attendance and Leave CD-ROM
Managing the Risks of Litigation Classroom
Managing Workforce Diversity Classroom/On-site
Mediating Employee Disputes Classroom
Mentoring Skills Classroom
Microsoft Office Excel CD-ROM
Microsoft Office PowerPoint CD-ROM
Microsoft SQL Server Database CD-ROM
MS Office 97/98/00 Online
Negotiating Labor Agreements Classroom
Online Recruiting Online
Personnel Management Workshop Classroom
Personnel Procedures for Clerks and Assistants Correspondence
Position Classification for Supervisors and Administrative Staff Classroom
Position Classification: An Introduction Correspondence
Position Management Classroom
Potential Powder Kegs: Identifying & Defusing Them Online
Preparing and Reviewing Personnel Actions Classroom
Preparing as the Interviewee Online
Preparing for the Behavioral Interview Online
Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Correspondence
Processing Personnel Actions Classroom
Qualification Analysis Workshop Classroom
Qualification Standards for GS Positions CD-ROM
Quid Pro Quo Harassment Online
Recognizing and Preventing Workplace Discrimination Online
Recruiting and Hiring a Quality Workforce Classroom
Recruiting for the 21st Century: Strategies Online
Recruiting for the 21st Century: The Market Online
Recruiting Successfully Online
Reduction-in-Force (RIF) Correspondence
Researching HR Issues on the Internet Classroom
Researching the Internet Online
Retention Solutions: Loyalty Isn't a Four-Letter Word Online
Rightful Termination Online
Roles and Responsibilities of the EEO Advisory Committee Classroom
Screening Applicants Online
Sexual Harassment Overview Online
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Online
Solving Performance and Conduct Problems Correspondence
Staffing for Support Staff Classroom
Strengthening People Skills CD-ROM
The Climate for Performance Online
The Employer’s Liability and Responsibilities Online
The Pre-Interview Process Online
The Three Stages of Aggressive Behavior Online
Time, Stress, & Problem Solving On-Line
Training on Specialized Software Online
Transition To Leadership 401 Classroom
What is Sexual Harassment? Online
Workers Compensation Classroom
Workforce Compensation Online
Workplace Aggression: The Scope of the Problem Online
Workplace Diversity Online
Workplace Harassment Online
Writing & Proofreading CD-ROM
Writing Position Descriptions Classroom
Writing the EEO Counselor Report Classroom