Annual Performance Plan and Annual Performance Report


The Fiscal Years (FYs) 2023–2025 Annual Performance Plan and Report (APR) includes our FY 2025 Annual Performance Plan (APP), FY 2024 Revised Performance Plan and FY 2023 Annual Performance Report, in support of our FYs 2022–2026 Agency Strategic Plan.  We publish a consolidated APR except in Presidential Transition Years.  The APR is also a required part of the agency’s annual budget request, which can be found at, Justification of Estimates for Appropriations Committees.

Prior Annual Performance Plans and Reports

FYs 2022–2024 APR FYs 2013–2015 APR
FYs 2021–2023 APR FYs 2013–2014 APP
FYs 2021–2022 APP FYs 2012–2013 APP
FY 2020 APR FYs 2011–2012 APP
FYs 2019–2021 APR FYs 2010–2011 APP
FYs 2018–2020 APR FYs 2009–2010 APP
FYs 2017–2019 APR FYs 2008–2009 APP
FYs 2017–2018 APP FYs 2007–2008 APP
FY 2016 APR FYs 2006–2007 APP
FYs 2015–2017 APR FYs 2005–2006 APP
FYs 2014–2016 APR