Protecting Your Investment in Social Security

A Message from Social Security

One of our biggest and most important responsibilities to you, the American public, is protecting your investment while continuing to provide quality service. Preventing and combatting Social Security fraud is something we take very seriously, and we have several tools in place to help us succeed. We are proud to share this web site with you to help get the word out about everything Social Security does to fight fraud.

Because the agency’s benefit programs are so far-reaching and complex, we face the ongoing challenge of protecting the programs from fraud. To meet this challenge, we work closely with our Office of the Inspector General (OIG), which Congress has designated as the agency lead for fraud detection and prevention.

Social Security aggressively investigates allegations of fraud and aggressively pursues prosecution of people who commit fraud. Our message to those who attempt to defraud Social Security is clear:  We will find you; we will prosecute you; we will seek the maximum punishment under the law; and we will fight to restore the money you’ve stolen from the American people.

Please take time to learn all the facts on how we protect you and work tirelessly to pursue and eliminate fraud! You play a key role in protecting your investment in Social Security. If you suspect fraud, report it to the OIG online at, or you can call the Social Security Fraud Hotline at 1-800-269-0271.