Average Wait Time Until Hearing Held Report
(For the Month of November 2017)

A presentation of the average time (in months) from the hearing request date until a hearing was held for cases closed in the Office of Hearings Operations' hearing offices or national hearing centers. This allows users to estimate the amount of time they may have to wait for a hearing to be held.

NOTE:  The average times shown are true only for cases closed in the month each report covers where hearings were held. These times are not cumulative for the stated fiscal year.

An office or individual not included indicates there was no report-specific data for that office or individual for the report period.

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Site Code Hearing Office Hearing Office Times (in Months)


* Satellite Offices reported separately from their parent office.

Disclaimer: These data are being made publicly available for research purposes. Any findings and conclusions derived from analyses of these data are attributable to the researcher(s) and do not reflect those of the Social Security Administration.