Appeals Council Requests for Review FY 2018
(For Reporting Purposes: 09/30/2017 through 09/28/2018)

This quarterly report shows the number of receipts, dispositions and pending requests for review during the defined period. The data shown is by month with quarterly and fiscal year (FY) summaries through the most recently completed quarter.

Appeals Council Requests for Review (RRs) are appeals of Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) decisions or dismissals by claimants for Social Security or Supplemental Security Income benefits. The Appeals Council (AC) in the Office of Analytics, Review, and Oversight (OARO) performs these reviews.

Receipts are RRs received by the AC during the period given. Dispositions are RRs completed by the AC and include denials, remands back to the ALJ for further action, new decisions or dismissals. Pending requests for review are awaiting final action by the AC.


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Time Period Receipts Dispositions Pending


Disclaimer: These data are being made publicly available for research purposes. Any findings and conclusions derived from analyses of these data are attributable to the researcher(s) and do not reflect those of the Social Security Administration.