Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of jobs do you have?

The Social Security Administration has many types of positions. Career opportunities range from facilities management and finance positions to public contact and legal positions. For more information, select a career path from dropdown on the left side menu.

Where are the jobs located?

We have Headquarters locations in Baltimore, Maryland, Washington DC, and Falls Church, Virginia. Additionally, Social Security has over 1400 field offices across the country, 10 regional offices, and 7 program service centers nationwide. We also have offices in 19 Foreign Service posts located in U.S. Embassies worldwide.

Do you have to be a (US) Citizen?

Yes. U.S. Citizenship is required for employment in the U.S. federal government.

How do I find out about what jobs are open?

You can find all current job openings for SSA on USAJobs.

How do I apply?

Please visit the USAJOBS Resource Center for instructions on how to apply for a federal job.

Do you have internships for students at Social Security?

The Social Security Administration has a broad range of internship opportunities for students. There are paid, unpaid, and credit-earning internships in almost every career field. Internships are available throughout the year during normal budget cycles. There are varying requirements and educational qualifications. For more information on specific types of internship programs, visit the Students & Recent Graduates webpage.

Is there an iPhone or Android App available?

Yes! USAJobs has a search application available for your iPhone and Android. You can search and save job listings, receive updates on applications and job search agents and much more. Additionally, you can share what you find on USAJOBS on popular social networking sites or via email, all on your Smartphone or tablet. Visit for more information.