Finance & Accounting

We manage the financial responsibilities for the agency. Our responsibilities include administering comprehensive budget policy, and estimating, securing, and managing the financial resources needed to deliver high-quality customer service to the public. Program responsibilities include debt management and the domestic and international direct deposit of monthly payments. Operational responsibilities include program accounting, cost analysis, payment and travel operations, and preparation of agency annual financial statements.

Skills We Look For

  • Accounting, Math, Finance, and Business coursework or comparable experience
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Strong analytical skills with an attention to detail

Examples of Positions in This Area Include:

Financial Management Analysts are responsible for administrative payment and travel operations. They prepare agency financial reports, including annual financial statements, financial policies, and procedures.

Accountants perform accounting and systems analysis, and record financial transactions related to agency assets, liabilities, and expenditures. Assist in the control of agency funds and monitor transactions entered in the financial accounting systems.

Budget Analysts develop and analyze cost estimates for our administrative and program budgets, provide justifications for program enactment, and manage the financial resources that Congress appropriates to the agency.

IT Specialists provide systems analysis and support for the design, development, and implementation of our financial management systems. Integrate the systems with related administrative processes, including applications to support core accounting, travel management, payroll, and cost analysis functions.