Human Resources

Human Resources professionals handle virtually all aspects of employee support functions including: recruitment, staffing, payroll, benefits, employee training, career development, employee counseling, personnel security and suitability, labor relations, workforce planning, position classification, reasonable accommodations, and equal opportunity activities. Our employees rely upon Human Resources professionals to provide the best in personnel expertise and support.

Skills We Look For

  • Human Resources experience and/or related coursework
  • Experience or coursework in diverse fields or tracks related to Human Resources
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Strong analytical skills with demonstrated attention to detail

Examples of Positions in This Area Include:

Management Analysts are responsible for performing a variety of coordinative, analytical, consultative, and advisory services. These employees gather data to prepare reports and make recommendations for agency executives.

Human Resource Specialists administer all types of personnel programs after determining compliance with rules, policies, and regulations. These employees perform a wide range of functions that have a huge impact on our organization and our employees, varying from recruitment and hiring, to researching employee benefits, to advisory services on career development, and designing websites to explain each personnel program.

Employee and Labor Relations Specialists deal with complex labor-management issues by working with employees, three labor unions, and our managers to build a comfortable and productive atmosphere at work.

Equal Opportunity Specialists coordinate our activities for the employment and advancement of minorities, women, and persons with disabilities. They also set national policies and guidelines on equal opportunity issues.