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Social Security is known for its family-friendly work culture. We promote and value a healthy balance between job responsibilities and family life for all employees. We offer generous benefits and leave policies, flexible schedules, and many special programs to support employees who need help when faced with life’s changes and challenges.

As an agency, Social Security helps many people and families in transition who face difficult times. As employees, our own lives and families occasionally need extra support. Our agency’s family-friendly mindset can support you and promote balance between work and family when life throws you a curve. You will find that peers, team members, and supervisors provide encouragement and promote the use of available services and programs to help you if things get tough. It’s good for you and for all of us when you have a healthy work/life balance.

Policies & Programs

Time Off & Leave

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An approved absence from work, or Leave, is earned by all fulltime employees. Our Leave policies are generous (see Pay & Benefits). The amount of leave you earn depends upon your length of time in service. Social Security offers both Annual Leave for rest and relaxation, and Sick Leave. Other types of paid and non-paid leave are also offered, as well as ten paid Federal holidays each year. Our generous leave policies, used in conjunction with the many paid holidays, allow time for family priorities without taking away from your commitment to serve the public.

Flexible Work Schedules

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Many Social Security employees can adjust their work schedules to meet personal responsibilities before or after work. Flexible work schedules allow employees to choose arrival and departure times within a core framework of work hours. In many offices employees can choose to work a pay period of 80 hours over eight or nine days instead of over two weeks.

Counseling Services

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Employees can easily access counseling services for help with personal and professional issues. Our Employee Assistance Program provides direct counseling and referrals, consultations, supervisory training, employee education, and outreach.

Fitness & Wellness Programs

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Depending upon your work location, you may have access to one of our fitness/wellness centers. In addition, our wellness programs emphasize health education and inspire you to develop more positive health attitudes.

Childcare & Elder Care

At some of our larger offices, parents at Social Security have access to quality childcare on site. Our centers are locally licensed, designed with children in mind, and accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. To assist with elder care support, we provide informational services and links to community resources to help employees with the stress and issues associated with caring for elderly family members.