In connection with our outreach hearing on Early-Onset Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias held in July 2009 in Chicago, SSA solicited statements from persons living with Alzheimer's Disease, as well as their family members. Below are twelve such statements representative of the many received from individuals around the country

Commenter 1 from Illinois

Commenter 2 from Iowa

Commenter 3 from Minnesota

Commenter 4 from Oklahoma

Commenter 5 from Colorado

Commenter 6 from Iowa

Commenter 7 from Minnesota

Commenter 8 from Illinois

Commenter 9 from Illinois

Commenter 10 from Texas

Commenter 11 from Iowa

Commenter 12 from Wisconsin

Initial List of Compassionate Allowance Conditions

Additional information about how compassionate allowances are processed